Scala Luxury Furniture

Creative Luxury Furniture


Scala Luxury is a design and manufacturing house specializing in the creation of exquisite luxury furniture collections. Since 2009, we have steadfastly upheld the artisanal model and artistic principles. Our unwavering commitment to the freedom of creation, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the relentless pursuit of exquisite materials, and the passing down of exceptional craftsmanship have been the cornerstones of our brand's enduring uniqueness.

At the helm of Scala Luxury are visionary creators and dedicated artists, fostering both independence and social responsibility. We remain resolute in preserving our distinct product style and creative autonomy, all while expanding our global presence, collaborations with top interior design firms, partnerships with leading hospitality groups, and the nurturing of independent enthusiast networks. With a focus on the trade market, our work has captivated the most prominent names in the design sphere.

We take pride in our ability to blend extraordinary designs with the use of exquisite materials. From the timeless allure of Goatskin & Parchment to the captivating beauty of Fractured Resins, the tactile luxury of Exotic Skins, and the enduring sophistication of Brass and Bronze, our creations are a harmonious fusion of artistry and unique materials. Moreover, we remain deeply conscious of our environmental impact and strive to leave a positive legacy. We are dedicated to preserving our planet, ensuring it thrives as beautifully as we found it, if not better.

Immerse yourself in the realm of extraordinary design and discover the world of Scala Luxury. Explore exceptional collections and allow our luxury furniture to become a statement piece within your project, whether it be a luxurious hotel, a sophisticated residence, or any space that demands the finest in luxury furnishings.