Scala Luxury Furniture

About Scala Luxury


Scala Luxury is a luxury furniture design and manufacturing house, specialised in creative couture furniture collections. We exclusively cater to the furniture trade and our work has attracted many of the largest names in the design hemisphere such as Fendi (Europe and Asia), Ralph Lauren, Tiffany&Co., Tom Ford, to just mention a few. We have built custom projects for many of the international top-100 design firms worldwide and supply major luxury hotel brands such as Four Seasons Hotels, MGM Resorts International, Park Hyatt, St. Regis, Shangri La and many others.

We offer a rare level of skills, many years of experience and we are passionate and dedicated to our brand. We truly l.o.v.e what we do, we “live” the creation of extraordinary furniture pieces and let our imagination guide us to reach higher levels.

Our mission is simple – to create exclusively designed luxurious furnishings utilizing exotic materials. Scala Luxury’s collections have generated a significant following of a high-profile clientele, including many Hollywood celebrities and Fortune-500 CEOs. Choose from our diverse collection of hundreds of furnishings, or let us custom design the furniture piece of your dreams. Utilizing some of the world’s most precious materials we combine our designs with exotic woods, Goatskin (Parchment), shagreen and lizard skins, gold and silver leaf as well as brass and bronze castings. We care about the environment and wish to see it in the future the same way as we had found it, or, hopefully even better.

Scala Luxury products can be found in selected showrooms and top-designers throughout the US, Europe, Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world.