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Please carefully review these Terms of Use. Your usage of this website indicates your agreement to this contract, which is between you and Scala Luxury Corp. ("SL" or "we"), a furniture manufacturer and wholesaler, pertaining to your access and use of the websites found at  www.scalaluxury.com

If you do not accept these Terms, please refrain from accessing or using this website and its services, and do not make purchases from us. Your continued access or use of the services will be considered as your acceptance of these Terms. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify these Terms without prior notice by posting the revised Terms on this site. In the event of changes, we will indicate the "Last Updated" date at the beginning of these Terms. Any use of the Services after these amendments will constitute your acceptance of the updated Terms. We recommend regularly reviewing these Terms to stay informed about the applicable terms and conditions when using our services or making purchases from us. If you disagree with the modified Terms, please discontinue your use of the Services.

For any questions, comments, or concerns about these Terms, please contact us at info@scalaluxury.com


  1. Scala Luxury caters to the trade only and you need to register an account with us. It's essential to ensure that your shipping and contact details are kept current. SL cannot assume responsibility for any inaccuracies in your profile, as these may impact your order forms, shipping documents, or invoices. Your information will be stored on our website until you choose to update or remove it, along with your order history. 

  2. Before your purchase, we will submit a comprehensive quote via email that includes product pricing, product details, lead times, sidemarks, payment terms, and other crucial information to assist your buying decision. Please, make sure that all details are correctly stated and reflect the proper information of your Purchase Order. These quotes remain valid for 30 days from the date of submission. If you exceed this timeframe, please reach out to us to confirm the quote's continued validity before proceeding with your purchase.

  3. Back orders require a non-refundable deposit of at least 50% of the invoice value, with full payment as an alternative. Stock items necessitate full payment upon ordering. We will keep you updated on back or custom orders via email or phone during production. Once your order arrives at our warehouse, the remaining balance is due, and we'll send an invoice four weeks prior to arrival for payment processing. We can also assist with arranging your preferred shipper for pickup upon request. 

  4. For custom orders, a non-refundable 50% deposit of the invoice face value is required. Balances become due upon the order's arrival at our warehouse. Custom orders must be accompanied by clear, professionally approved drawings bearing the customer's date and signature which we can supply upon request. If we have provided a delivery or production time frame, the official activation date hinges on drawing approval and/or payment receipt. 

  5. During order placement or production, prompt communication is vital. If we don't receive clarifications or comments within 24 hours, and it leads to delays, we reserve the right to adjust the delivery date, within reason. Changes made by the customer after order placement may also extend delivery times and could affect pricing. Please ensure you receive a revised invoice from our office, as well as revised and signed DFA's (Drawing for Approval). SL cannot be held responsible for delays resulting from drawing errors, misleading or unclear information, or details that may be misinterpreted. 

  6. We accept payments via company checks, ACH transfers, or wire transfers.

  7. Orders ready for delivery must not exceed a 30-day storage period in SL's warehouse. After this period, SL reserves the right to impose storage fees and up to a 3% monthly compound late fees on unpaid balances. In situations where items remain stored for over 90 days without unpaid balances or due to other unreasonable circumstances, customer items may be subject to be auctioned to cover merchandise, storage, and associated costs. In such cases, no refunds or credits will be available to the customer.

  8. Orders are subject to acceptance by SL and we will confirm all orders electronically or via email after receipt of the clients purchase order and deposit.  

  9. Orders are subject to cancellation by SL if manufacturing or business conditions make it not feasible in the judgment of SL to produce said shipment, or, a credit condition of a customer is deemed to require such action.

  10. Product prices are F.O.B. Los Angeles (SL Warehouse), or, EXW overseas Factory as outlined on quotes and invoices - whichever one is more feasible based on current business conditions. Potential special packaging or crating is not included in pricing. 

  11. We reserve the right without liability or prior notice to revise, cancel or delay orders if manufacturing or shipping conditions require us to do so, i.e. natural disasters, container or custom delays, or, other import related issue that are beyond SL's control.


  1. Items in stock are immediately available for shipping after processing items through our staging process which usually takes 1-2 weeks

  2. The delivery time on back-orders or custom-orders are usually 14 weeks, unless quoted differently in writing. Please confirm with our office before ordering. 

  3. We reserve the right without liability or prior notice to revise, discontinue or any product from SL's catalogs. 

  4. Lead-times that have been quoted and stated on the quote or invoice forms for back-orders are subject to a 30-day grace period, due to possible custom clearance or container delays. 

  5. Lead-times on quotes and invoices are based on issue dates, approval of technical drawings by the client, possible color sample submissions or any other materials that are required to finalize an order. SL reserves the right to delay or increase lead-times if manufacturing or business conditions make it not feasible in the judgment of SL to deliver said shipment as originally quoted. 



  1. We operate under the assumption that all shipments are conducted on a commercial basis, exclusively between businesses, as our products are intended for trade use only. The shipping of items is entirely the responsability of the customer. SL does not arrange deliveries to residential or home addresses or handle any customer service related to such transactions. If you require merchandise to be delivered directly to an end-user, it is your responsibility to coordinate and schedule a delivery company of your choice at your own risk. Any merchandise collected from our warehouse or under EXW (Ex Works) Factory terms is subject to inspection by the carrier and is accepted with their signature on the Bill of Lading, indicating "First Rate Condition." Title to the merchandise on your order transfers to the customer when the carrier accepts delivery from our facilities with their signature on SL's Bill of Lading. SL does not assume any responsibility for shipping damages, lost goods, or any other claims arising after the merchandise is picked up from our facility. 

  2. Damaged merchandise received by the customer must be noted on the carrier's  POD (Proof of Delivery) before signing, and claimed directly and immediately with the shipping company at the point of delivery. We suggest supporting your claim with photos while receiving merchandise from the carrier and in the presents of their staff. Photos taken on the carrier's truck depicting clearly the extend of damage generally is the best proof to show that merchandise was damaged - before you even took possession of the items. If damage seems to be beyond repair it might be best to reject the delivery and not accept the items, at your own discretion and advice.

  3. In case of shipping damages or any other issues that might require a claim with a 3rd party shipper that occurred after items where picked up from our facilities, customers are still required to make timely payments to SL, as per invoice submitted and may not withhold payments to SL while awaiting settlements of claims from a 3rd party, or any other companies.

  4. SL does not pre-pay domestic shipping charges for customers. All shipments are freight collect or prepaid paid by the customer, with no exceptions and to be paid directly to the carrier. 

  5. International Air Freight estimates and quotes are excluding potential taxes, duties, storage fees or any other related charges that might occur at the destination country for the clearance and delivery of shipments. 

  6. Even though SL can not recommend any carriers for liability reasons, we can assist obtaining freight quotes on the customers behalf. Quotes provided by a 3rd party shipping company will be passed on to the customer in writing, are non-binding and SL is not liable for the accuracy, validity or any details of policies of 3rd party shipping companies. It is important for you to know that SL does not assume any liability for the shipping of your goods, potential damages or even loss of merchandise. Please confirm with the carrier direct that their service is meeting your expectations, and review their insurance policies as well as terms and conditions carefully.


  1. SL guarantees its product to be free from defects of workmanship for 1 year, except items that were sold discounted in sales events or other irregular items that are "sold as-is".  

  2. Our products are handmade and there might be small variations in dimensions not exactly matching information in our catalog, on quotes, invoices or on bill of ladings, or, a DFA or other drawings we might have provided. 

  3. As our products are meticulously crafted by hand, it's important to anticipate indigenous imperfections and variations. SL retains the right to make design or construction adjustments if needed, without prior notice. Additionally, certain products incorporate natural materials that may naturally expand or contract based on environmental factors like relative humidity.

  4. Please be aware that we do not provide warranties for products subjected to extreme weather conditions (such as extreme cold, heat, or humidity), improper handling during transport, or prolonged day or sunlight exposure near large windows, including proximity to air conditioner or heater system outlets. Specifically, parchment (goatskin) and high-gloss lacquers are sensitive to UV light, so it's crucial to position your furniture pieces away from day or sunlight to ensure their longevity.

  5. The colors of natural materials like goatskin, shagreen, lizard skins, or leathers can naturally fluctuate and may change hues over time, influenced by environmental conditions. Additionally, goatskin exhibits variations in color and patterns among different items, which may not precisely match samples or catalog depictions due to the inherent texture of the skins. As a standard, a color variation of approximately 20% should be anticipated for all SL items, along with the understanding that the placement pattern of skins may not be consistent due to variations in skin sizes or custom item dimensions, resulting in larger or smaller patterns.

  6. We prioritize the meticulous construction of our furniture, adhering to the highest quality standards and proper construction methods. Please note that we do not provide any Money Back Guarantee, and we strictly require written authorization from our office for any merchandise returns.


  1. Annually, we host sales events featuring irregular items, prototypes, floor samples, and overstock products at highly discounted prices. While these items may not meet the exact standards of our regular production items, they are still in acceptable condition. It's important to anticipate minor imperfections or irregularities, which are balanced by the significant discounts we offer.

  2. Our provided dimensions represent the approximate largest measurements for an item but may have slight variations. If you require precise measurements, please email us, and we'll promptly provide you with accurate details. We prioritize your confidence and complete satisfaction with your purchase. Feel free to request detailed photos of an item before making your purchase to ensure it meets your expectations regarding its condition.

  3. Shipping and transport charges are not included and are the responsibility of the customer. Title to merchandise passes to the customer when a carrier accepts delivery from our facilities, with their signature on the BOL. SL is not responsible for any shipping damages, lost goods or any other claims that need to be filed with the carrier.

  4. In the event that you receive damaged merchandise, it is crucial to take immediate action. Please make sure to note the damage on the carrier's Proof of Delivery (POD) before signing for the shipment. Additionally, we recommend initiating a claim directly with the shipping company right at the point of delivery. To strengthen your claim, it's advisable to take photos while receiving the merchandise in the presence of the carrier's staff. These photos, especially those taken on the carrier's truck, provide clear evidence of the extent of damage that occurred before you took possession of the items. If the damage appears to be beyond repair, it may be in your best interest to reject the delivery and not accept the items. Your swift and thorough documentation will greatly assist in resolving any issues.

  5. Please note that all sales are considered final, and items are sold in as-is condition. SL does not entertain returns for any reasons, and discounted products are not covered by any warranties. We appreciate your understanding of these terms before making a purchase.



You may not use any Content or Images from the SL website for commercial purposes. You may not display publicly or sell the Content or sell materials thereof, nor may you use the Content to promote or advertise products or services. You may not use the name Scala Luxury in conjunction with any products, promotional or commercial purposes, unless you have written permission from SL. If you wish to use content for any purpose beyond the permitted uses, such as a commercial use or publication (except as may be permitted by fair use under the copyright law), you must obtain prior written permission from the SL office.

Send your permission request or other inquiries, including requests for higher quality formats, including high-resolution digital images to our office. If you are seeking permission to include the Content in a commercial product, or display SL products on your website or any other publication, please acquire written permission from SL by contacting our office.



In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to typographical or technical error or error in pricing or product information, we shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for products listed with incorrect information. We shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed.

The terms and conditions of sale herein described shall be enforced in accordance with, and governed by the laws of the State of California. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the courts of the State of California shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute(s). The Customer (in person, by agent or representative, telephone, Internet or by other means) agrees that any dispute arising shall be litigated exclusively in the courts of the State of California. Further, venue shall be in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, in the state of California.

These terms and conditions are subject to change.