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Aqueduct Parchment Coffee Table

The design on this coffee table incorporates arches or curves reminiscent of ancient Roman aqueducts, lending a sense of grandeur and timelessness to its overall aesthetic. This combination of the parchment top and aqueduct brass legs creates a captivating blend of textures and materials, resulting in a truly luxurious and stylish coffee table that would be a focal point in any room. It would be ideal for adding a touch of opulence to a contemporary, eclectic, or even a classic interior design theme.

Finish on Photos: 
Parchment Color: Charcoal  
Topcoat: Polished High Gloss
Base: Brush Polished Brass (Crystal Coated)

Code: 22030-1
Size: W 63.00 x D 43.50 x H 14.00 inches   ( W 160.0 x D 110.5 x H35.6 cm )      
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