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Associated Ice-Resin Coffee Table

This coffee table is made with two different colors of fractured ice-resin, creating an elegant and luxurious aesthetic in interior settings. The combination of the fractured resin and the shimmering effect gives the table an ethereal quality, almost like a frozen moment in time. It adds a sense of depth and movement, making it visually captivating from every angle and the high polished surface enhances the overall appeal. The encasements can be placed according to personal preference and allows for flexibility in the arrangement, enabling you to customize the distance between these tables.

Finish on Photos:
Color: Red and Black (Ice-Resin)
Topcoat: Polished High Gloss

Code: 22034-1
Size: W 53.00 x D 28.00 x H 14.00 inches   ( W 134.6 x D 71.1 x H35.6 cm )      
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