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Popova Gradient Desk

This geometric diamond-shaped desk is handmade, featuring uniqueness and craftsmanship. The surface is finished in a gradient lacquer finish fading from black to white colors. The drawers made from solid mahogany provide a contrasting element to the gradient surface. Mahogany with its rich, warm color, making it an excellent choice for the soft gloss sheen which enhances the natural beauty of the wood and provides a smooth and lustrous finish. This desk combines the modern style of finishing with the timeless appeal of mahogany - a superlative statement piece for any office or lobby.

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Color: Gradient
Topcoat: Polished High Gloss Lacquer

Code: 23001-5
Size: W 76.00 x D 39.50 x H 29.00 inches   ( W 193.0 x D 100.3 x H73.7 cm )      
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