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Terrestrial Parchment Console

The artistic console table design is truly unique and intriguing. The inspiration was taken from terrestrial sightings, which suggests that natural elements or earthly phenomena played a significant role in its creation. The use of parchment for the top adds a touch of elegance and texture, while the hand-polished gloss lacquer finish on the base enhances its overall appearance and provides a smooth, glossy surface. The fusion of these elements suggests a design that bridges the gap between nature and contemporary aesthetics, making it a standout piece of furniture that could fit into various interior styles.

Finish on Photos:
Parchment: Natural
Topcoat: Matte  
Base: Black Polished Gloss Lacquer  

Code: 21042
Size: W 78.00 x D 22.00 x H 33.00 inches   ( W 198.1 x D 55.9 x H83.8 cm )      
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