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Aqueduct Brass Coffee Table | Ice-Resin (LG)

This coffee table is not just a mere piece of furniture; it's an artistic masterpiece that seamlessly combines textures and materials in an awe-inspiring manner. The result is a luxurious and stylish centerpiece that promises to be the focal point of any room it graces. Crafted with utmost precision, the table's surface features a captivating fractured ice-resin top, resembling glistening shards of frozen time. These intricate patterns reflect light in mesmerizing ways, adding a touch of mystique to the ambiance.

Complementing the tabletop are the legs, meticulously mantled with brass, reminiscent of the regal strength displayed by the aqueducts that have stood the test of time. Their gently curving lines bring a sense of fluidity and sophistication, perfectly harmonizing with the ice-resin above.

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Ice-Resin Color: Clear amethyst
Base: Brush Polished Brass

Code: 22030-3
Size: W 82.00 x D 37.00 x H 18.00 inches   ( W 208.3 x D 94 x H45.7 cm )      
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