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Zelo Cabinet

This opulent bar cabinet showcases an encasement draped in luxurious parchment, adorned with intricate brass inlays and meticulously coated with a flawlessly hand-polished gloss finish. Opening its doors reveals a stunning interior,  emblazoned with antique-glass panels that add a touch of elegance. The cabinet boasts two impeccably crafted solid mahogany drawers and a delicate glass shelf, enhancing its allure and functionality. Intriguing and exclusive, this bar cabinet is a masterpiece that will effortlessly elevate any space, making it a focal point of admiration and conversation. Its allure lies not only in its opulent aesthetics but also in the meticulous attention to detail that ensures a truly unforgettable experience.

Finish on photos:
Parchment: Charcoal 
Top Coat: Polished High Gloss

Code: 15001
Size: W 37.00 x D 16.00 x H 63.00 inches   ( W 94 x D 40.6 x H160.0 cm )      
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