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Associated Two-Tone Coffee Table

This coffee table combination of brass and stainless steel creates an elegant and luxurious aesthetic in interior settings. The brass elements add warmth and richness, while the stainless steel components contribute a contemporary and sophisticated touch. The juxtaposition of these materials results in a unique and eye-catching piece. The encasements of these coffee tables can be positioned according to personal preference and allows for flexibility in the arrangement, enabling you to customize the distance between the encasements.

Finish on Photos:
Color: Brush Polished Brass & Stainless
Topcoat: Crystal Coated (on brass table)

We recommend a protective Crystal Coating to prevent fingerprints and tarnishing on brass (available upon request)

Code: 22034-3
Size: W 53.00 x D 28.00 x H 14.00 inches   ( W 134.6 x D 71.1 x H35.6 cm )      
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