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Cinzano Bar Cabinet

This luxurious drinks cabinet showcases exquisite craftsmanship, featuring intricate brush polished brass inlay and sleek black high gloss lacquer accents, expertly placed between each brass element. The meticulously finished surface boasts an optional Crystal Coating, ensuring protection against fingerprints and preserving the brilliance of the brass. The cabinet rests on a sturdy base made from solid mahogany, meticulously coated with a smooth gloss finish for a refined look.

Opening the cabinet reveals a thoughtfully designed interior, equipped with one adjustable glass shelf that allows for versatile storage of various-sized bottles and glassware. Additionally, there are two solid mahogany drawers, providing a secure and elegant space for storing accessories and utensils related to serving drinks.

Finish on Photos: 
Metal: Brush polished brass
Topcoat: Crystal Coated

We recommend a protective Crystal Coating to prevent fingerprints and tarnishing on brass (available upon request)

Code: 15000
Size: W 25.50 x D 15.00 x H 55.00 inches   ( W 64.8 x D 38.1 x H139.7 cm )      
Availability:   IN STOCK