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Isoform Dining Table

The luxurious parchment dining table features an artistically shaped handmade base that has been finished with a polished-gloss lacquer. This finish adds a sleek and glossy appearance to the base, enhancing its visual appeal. The base indicates attention to detail and craftsmanship, adding to the overall exclusivity of the table. The top is mantled in hand-dyed parchment, which gives it a unique and exquisite look. The hand-dying process adds depth and richness to the color, ensuring that each table has a distinct and individual character with a texture that further adds to the table's visual interest, providing a tactile experience for those who interact with it.

Finish on Photos: 
Parchment: Light Gray Goatskin
Topcoat: Polished High-Gloss

Code: 23026
Size: W 77.50 x D 38.50 x H 30.50 inches   ( W 196.9 x D 97.8 x H77.5 cm )      
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