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Countervail Table

The mixed metals of brass and stainless steel in the base of this dining table create a unique and visually appealing contrast. The hand-dyed parchment top further enhances its luxurious appeal. Such a statement piece can undoubtedly become the focal point of any dining room, exuding style and sophistication. Brass imparts a warm, golden hue, while stainless steel offers a sleek and modern aesthetic. The combination of these two metals adds an interesting dynamic to the overall design of the table, blending classic elegance with contemporary style and create a striking visual impact.  

Finish on Photos: 
Parchment: Charcoal
Topcoat: Polished High Gloss
Base: Brush polished Stainless and Brass

We recommend a protective Crystal Coating to prevent fingerprints and tarnishing on brass (available upon request)

Code: 23029
Size: W 96.00 x D 42.50 x H 30.00 inches   ( W 243.8 x D 108 x H76.2 cm )      
Availability:   IN STOCK