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Glacier Sideboard

This exquisite brass and parchment sideboard stands alone in its uniqueness, poised to make an indelible statement in any space it graces. With the ability to command attention as the focal point in a lavish lobby or to enhance the grandeur of opulent interior arrangements as a breathtaking sideboard, its allure knows no bounds.

The doors are adorned with a meticulously brushed-polished brass, creating an aura of timeless elegance, while the encasement is swathed in the luxurious texture of parchment, adding an element of tactile luxury to its aesthetic. Inside, the interior is finished with a velvety black satin lacquer, exuding sophistication in every detail. The presence of a central glass shelf further enhances its versatility, allowing you to showcase your most treasured possessions with grace.

Finish on photos:
Parchment: Charcoal
Topcoat: Matte
Brass: Brush Polished (Crystal Coated)

We recommend a protective Crystal Coating to prevent fingerprints and tarnishing on brass (available upon request)

Code: 12046
Size: W 94.50 x D 23.00 x H 36.00 inches   ( W 240.0 x D 58.4 x H91.4 cm )      
Availability:   IN STOCK