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Constellation Parchment Sideboard

The spectacular couture style sideboard is truly a luxurious and meticulously crafted furniture piece. The mantling in parchment adds a unique and exquisite sense of elegance and sophistication creating a visually captivating surface. The protruding brass hemispheres provide a striking visual contrast against the goatskin, adding depth and dimension to the design. The polished surface of the brass hemispheres refine this sophisticated finish, catching the light and adding a subtle shine to the overall piece. The inclusion of two adjustable glass shelves adds both functionality and versatility.

Finish on photo:
Color: Charcoal Goatskin
Topcoat: Polished High Gloss

Code: 12024
Size: W 83.00 x D 19.00 x H 34.00 inches   ( W 210.8 x D 48.3 x H86.4 cm )      
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